Death to Obama Care 

This week in Washington DC, the Congress passed a bill called the American Health Care Act, which scales back major part of Obama care. See, to anyone under 35, you might ask what does this mean to me? Basically this bill according to most major analyst will eliminate up to 1 trillion(yes Trillion) dollars off the Obama care tax. Also, eliminates the Individual mandate, which mean no more penalties for you the consumer/ taxpayer at the end of the year. If you like million of other Americans cannot afford a plan on the Health Care exchanges, this is amazing news to you. 

Also, part of the AHCA rolls back the employer mandate, not forcing companies to cover their employees. Which under the current law forces small business to the largest companies to pay a penalty for not offering coverage to their employees. In my opinion finally making it more affordable to become entrepreneur in this country. Also, allows businesses to reinvest on their companies and workers making the American economy stronger over all.

Let’s not forget Pre-existing conditions mandate also got a bit of an overhaul on the house GOP bill. Long story short allowing states to determine rather or not to keep the mandate on a state by states basis. In all honestly as guy who believes in States rights, this all music to my ears, plus the closer the money come to “home” the more the people have say on how thing are run at the local level. Let me put it like this, potentially you control your own care and coverage not only with your pocket book, but in the voting booth.

Facts are Obama care, love it or hate it, has completely trashed the Health care markets in this country. Simply ask anyone who works in a hospital, buys their own insurance or even people who have since 2010 have lost all coverage for the simple fact it’s just ridiculously expensive. I challenge you go online and try to find some sort of competent plan for your lifestyle that will not kill your monthly or weekly budget. For companies per a CNN report Aetna Pull out Virgina individual market, due to losses from Obama care, also in Iowa due to the rising cost 3 major Insurance companies per a CNBC report, have pulled out of the individual markets. Reports like this are the main reason why, I’m a huge supporter for healthcare reform. 
Now with this being the first step to true sensible patient centered reform I truly hope the GOP can get their act together and remember why they got elected. Many pundits have said for President Trump and the GOP need to get this bill passed, for any signs of successful first term. I say the GOP needs to not be afraid of left or even the democrats and govern at their pace. Just like the Obama and the democrats did during his tenure in the white house. See while I can’t stand former president Obama politics, I can respect the fact that he got things done for his party and constituency. Without listening to the noise of the conservative media. Now we can all agree the Left wing media is 10 time louder than the right specially with the culture emanating from Hollywood, and college campuses, but that’s another discussion for a different time. 
Only time will tell if the AHCa will pass the Senate where the rules aren’t as simple, and the power of the filibuster is still in effect. When it’s all set and done it’s a good first down marker for the President and the GOP, most of all I believe it’s Huge step forward for the American people, after a long 10 years filled with recession, tax hikes and bad legislation. Maybe now we can start moving forward to truly help people who need it.

Mission & Pledge

There are many issues facing our time, our country, and most of all our generation. As a millennial, it’s truly a challenge to distinguish truth vs meme. Maybe that’s just the weird times we live in where everyone must have, and are hungry to have a voice, without regard for others or the consequences of “their truth”. I’m not writing to become a critic, but to commentate with a different point of view that is not mainstream or even popular. My hope is for this to become an avenue of true “Free Speech”, not the distorted speech it has become in many forms of media including, the modern day college institutions.  
I will commentate on politics, sports, and current events. My goal is to release a minimum of one opinion piece per week that I hope will provide a fresh, new point of view that is not found in the traditional avenues of media such as cable or even Facebook, etc.. 
My hope is to inspire more millennials to think outside the box, influence more individuals and empower them to truly seek facts and truth regardless of politics, or mind sets that have been hard-wired as truth.

To you, my audience, I pledge to speak the truth, inform, and always give you an unfiltered opinion on all issues, while keeping an open mind to alternative views and arguments.

And Finally my mission, similar to my personal life, is to love, empower and inform my fellow men and women. My opinions are based on my deeply rooted beliefs on life, religion, politics, and relationships. I do not claim to be expert, but I do know people and the human condition. My life so far has equipped me and carved my view on many subjects. Now grow with me as I continue to learn and pursue knowledge. I hope you enjoy this blog. And all that are to come.